Activa Records ist ein Hardstyle Plattenlabel aus Italien. Es gehört zu Edinet. Activa wurde 1997 gegründet, seit 1999 ist es bei Edinet.

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Katalognr Titel Interpret(en) Jahr
ACT001 Evolution M.P.G. Movement 1997
ACT002 No Control DJ Mada 1998
ACT003 Dynamic Control J.D.C. 1998
ACT004 House Mauro Monaci 1998
ACT008 Tekno Mauro Monaci 1999
ACT009 Enjoy For This Matteo Portieri 1999
ACT010 Stardom Ricky Stecca & Mauro Monaci 1999
ACT011 Onda Mauro Monaci 2000
ACT012 Activa Records Present Fabrica Mecanica Various 2000
ACT013 Klone Synt-O-Matik 2001
ACT014 Stop & Go Danny G & Daniele Mondello 2001
ACT015 Activa E.P. One Various 2001
ACT016 The Power Of God DJ Pibert 2001
ACT017 Iceberg E.P. Daniele Mondello 2001
ACT018 I Got Tonight Bison meets The Quakers 2001
ACT019 Lick It Diva Nova 2001
ACT020 Rebel MC Floorkiller 2001
ACT021 Nevermind Soul Downloaders & Pablo B. 2001
ACT022 Activa E.P. Two Various 2002
ACT023 Apocalypse Daniele Mondello 2002
ACT024 The Light Bison Meets The Quakers 2002
ACT025 Kermesse Express Viviana 2002
ACT026 Push It Claudio Diva Meets Smorphya 2002
ACT027 Plastik Danny G 2002
ACT028 Check This Out Gregory Tech 2002
ACT029 Warfare Piero Zeta & Manuel Es 2002
ACT030 Kamikaze Daniele Mondello 2003
ACT031 Stargate Ricky Stecca & Mauro Monaci 2003
ACT032 Thunderbolt Daniele Mondello 2003
ACT033 Hardstyle Asylum DJ Activator 2003
ACT034 Imperium Pablo B. vs. Pirata Gio' 2003
ACT035 Express >>> Train [[ Express Viviana]] 2003
ACT036 Turkish Rave / Book In Air Claudio Diva Meets Smorphya 2003
ACT037 Pump To Hard Overdrive 2003
ACT038 30th August Daniele Mondello 2003
ACT039 The Bass Be Louder DJ Activator 2003
ACT040 The Noise Of Act DJ Activator vs. Overdrive 2003
ACT041 Listen To The Phat Bass Overdrive 2004
ACT042 X-Terminate / Let Me Come Again DJ Activator Meets DJ J. Slipknot 2004
ACT043 Blackout Daniele Mondello 2004
ACT044 QT13 DJ Act 2004
ACT045 Fuck U Outlaw 2004
ACT046 The Masterpiece E.P. DJ Activator 2004
ACT047 Goddamn Overdrive 2004
ACT048 F**king Revolution Harry Klein 2004
ACT049 Chainsaw Psyco Brothers 2004
ACT050 Feel The Drums DJ Activator & Driverspeed 2004
ACT051 Execute / Dummy Boy Outlaw 2004
ACT052 Activa E.P. Vol. 3 Various 2005
ACT053 The Sound Of The Bass DJ Act 2005
ACT054 Hardstyle's Paradise Mindstomper 2005
ACT055 Evacuate Psyco Brothers 2005
ACT056 Outbreak The Abyss 2005
ACT057 I Got Tonight (2005 Rmx) Bison meets The Quakers 2005
ACT058 Magic Freestyle Coca 2005
ACT059 Chupa Chups Outlaw feat. DJ Mani 2005
ACT060 From Dancefloor To Dancefloor DJ Activator 2006
ACT061 Popper & Sex DJ Activator Presents Prozact 2006
ACT062 Domination DJ Activator Feat. K-Projekt 2006
ACT063 Fuck With The Beatz Acti & Coca 2006
ACT064 QT13 Remix DJ Act 2006
ACT065 Whores And Sluts Acti & N3ck 2006
ACT066 We Are The Bass 2006 Act vs Mani 2006
ACT067 Pass The Grass Acti 2006
ACT068 Activa E.P. Vol. 4 Various 2007
ACT069 Suck My Style Tatact 2007
ACT070 I'm A Natural Born DJ DJ Activator 2007
ACT071 Raw Acti & Vorti 2007
ACT072 Get Drunk Activator & Zatox 2007
ACT073 2MC's & 1DJ DJ Activator vs. MC Syco & MC Da Syndrome 2007
ACT074 Il Mondo E` Mio DJ Act vs DJ Mani 2007
ACT075 Calling In The Night Activator 2007
ACT076 To The Beat Activator vs. Carnifex 2008
ACT077 Hell Or Heaven EP Acti & N3ck 2008
ACT078 Fear And Dark DJ Activator & Francesco Zeta 2008
ACT079 Still Drunk Activator & Zatox 2008
ACT080 Through The Monsoon (Medley Monsoon) Stephy 2008
ACT081 Insound (The Anthem) Doctor Zot 2008
ACT082 Fairyland Francesco Zeta 2008
ACT083 Air-One Stephy 2008
ACT084 Bust A Move Plasmaravers 2008
ACT085 Activa E.P. Vol. 5 Various 2009
ACT086 Tragedy Francesco Zeta 2009
ACT087 Authentic Style Activator 2009
ACT088 Only The Brave Doctor Zot 2009
ACT089 Art Of Style DJ Ki? 2009
ACT090 Set You Free Activator 2009
ACT091 Whacko Francesco Zeta 2009
ACT092 Some Easy Living (Medley Easy Living) Activator 2010
ACT093S I Need Your Lovin' (Medley Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime) Miss Tess-X 2010
ACT094L Reloaded Jim Noizer 2010
ACT095S Me.Spi.Lo DJ Ki? 2010
ACT096L Push The Button Marco Cordi 2010
ACT097G Street Spirit (Medley Fade Out) Activator & Ricky Raw 2010
ACT098 The Centre Of Your Mind Doctor Zot 2010
ACT099 Moonlight Blue (Medley Walking In The Air) Francesco Zeta 2010
ACT100G Gold EP Various 2010
ACT101S Finally Vorti & Zed 2010
ACT102L Standing In Line Cristian D 2010
ACT103S My Beautiful Things / Divin Miss Tess-X 2011
ACT104L Esagerata E.P. Francesco Zeta vs Jim Noizer 2011
ACT105 Threat To Our Existence Activator featuring MC Apster 2011
ACTALB006 Activa Records Collection Vol. 6 Various 2009
ACTDIG001 One I Love Activator 2009
ACTDIG002 Time To Rave Acti Feat. Da Rook Mc 2010
ACTDIG003 Dedicated (Medley Inspiration) Activator presents Jim Noizer 2010
ACTDIG004 Tripping Activator & Flarup 2010
ACTDIG005 Carol Of The Banging Bells Acti & Zeta 2010
ACTDIG006 Boom Bass Bandits 2011
ACTDIG007 Just Do It Marco Cordi 2011
ACTDIG008 Se Vaea' DJ Ki? 2011
ACTDIG009 Fuckin' Noize EP Activator 2011
ACTDIG010 Feel Thiz Musik Jajox 2011
ACTDIG011 Il Mondo E' Mio (2011 Remixes) Acti 2011
ACTDIG012 Kickin' Off An Era Cristian D & Jonny Mad 2011
ACTDIG013 Love Me & Hate Me Jim Noizer 2011
ACTDIG014 Superstyle Francesco Zeta 2011
ACTDIG015 You Vorti & Zed 2011
ACTDIG016 The Mad Fucking Journey E.P. Doctor Zot 2011
ACTDIG017 Xarah E.P. Jajox 2011
ACTDIG018 Wow Wow Acti & Zot 2011
ACTDIG019 Kill Me Francesco Zeta feat Ivan Talko 2011
ACTDIG020 Amore Hardstyle Jim Noizer feat Miss Roberta 2011
ACTDIG021 Music Is A Moral Law Cristian D & Jonny Mad 2011
ACTDIG022 No Rules Acti & Jajox 2011
ACTDIG023 Gestazione EP Black Force 2011
ACTDIG024 Fairyland (ReAmp 2012) Francesco Zeta 2012
ACTDIG025 Be Reborn EP Jajox 2012
ACTDIG026 Thunder Air Teo 2012
ACTDIG027 Crimad Cristian D & Jonny Mad 2012
ACTDIG028 Big Fat Tekno Tom 2012
ACTDIG029 Noizer Sensation Jim Noizer 2012
ACTDIG030 My Lovin Edu Fernandez vs Alex Trackone 2012
ACTDIG031 Unmistakable Sampler 1 Francesco Zeta 2012
ACTDIG032 Rock N' Rave EP (Unmistakable Album Sampler 02) Francesco Zeta 2012
ACTSE001 Icon DJ Activator 2007
ACTSE002 June DJ Activator 2008
ACTSE003 Lullaby Activator 2009
ACTSE004 Sinister Owl Acti 2011

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  • Standort: Cittadella, Padova, IT

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