Hardbass Chapter 18
Herausgeber Polystar
Release-Date 02.10.2009
CDs 2 CD
Tracks 53
Genre Hardstyle
Vorgänger & Nachfolger
Hardbass Chapter 17
Hardbass Chapter 19

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Mixed by Rocco & Bass-T

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 The Beginning 1.8 Art of Punk
02 Keep The Rhythm The R3bels
03 City Of Intensity Brennan Heart
04 Dreams (Radio Edit) Illuminatorz
05 Raven Pavo
06 Tomorrow The Mentalists
07 Killer (Used & Abused Bootleg Remix) FM Audio
08 Spring Break (Jump Mix) Jeckyll & Hyde
09 Sexy Bitch (Original Mix) Rivendell feat. Cruncher
10 Booty Clap (Radio Edit) The Real Booty Babes
11 I Want You Jens O. vs. Ti-Mo
12 Direct Line Davide Sonar
13 Sahara (Original Mix) Toneshifterz
14 Vision Zany & DV8
15 One Kutski vs. Bioweapon
16 Whats Going On Gostosa
17 Recession The Prophet
18 Whatevah (Original Mix) Da Tweekaz
19 Icon DJ Activator
20 Our Destiny Atmozfears vs. The Vision
21 Cosmic Destination Bioweapon
22 Victims (Radio Edit) Illuminatorz
23 Stamp On The Ground (Extended Mix) Italo Brothers
24 Walk On By (The Real Booty Babes Remix ) Picco
25 Mueve (Rocco & Bass-T Remix) DJ Falk
26 Angel Of The Sun Zany
27 Feel U Here Brennan Heart feat. Shanokee
28 Handle This MBG
29 Sonar Dailucia
30 Bungiebox Heatzone
31 Emotion 2009 (Alex Megane Remix) Megasonic
32 When Love Takes Over (Hands Up Remix) Rivendell
33 Cant Slow Down (Dan Winter Bootleg Mix) Bastian Bates feat. Nicco

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Mixed by Wildstylez & Scope DJ

Nummer Trackname Interpret
01 Spin That Shit (Scope DJ Remix) Wildstylez & Frontliner
02 Never Say Never Gostosa
03 K.Y.H.U. (Noisecontrollers Remix) Wildstylez
04 My Vision Scope DJ
05 Summer Of Hardstyle Proppy & Heady
06 Believe Davide Sonar
07 Not E-Nuff (Scope DJ Remix) DJ Duro & The Prophet
08 Mr. Monster Zany
09 Sunblast Frontliner
10 Venom (Wildstylez Remix) Noisecontrollers
11 Move Your Body Bioweapon
12 Face The Enemy Brennan Heart
13 Surreality feat. Maia Scope DJ
14 Maximum Force Zany
15 Rock Civilization (Technoboys Mix) Headhunterz
16 Complex Situation Wildstylez
17 Communicate Pavo
18 Innocent Donkey Rollers
19 Unleashed Alpha²
20 Surge Of Power Noisecontrollers